Electric panels: New installations and updates

  • New installations
  • Updates of existing panels in houses
  • Problems with breakers that trigger ?
  • Do you have overheating and burning smell ?
  • Load balancing
  • Rewiring of old installations
  • Breakers replace
  • Reconfiguration 120v to 240v
  • and more

Ae Smart Electric. Electric Generator Set up. Backup energy so you do not lose your comfort at home

Do not lose comfort due to power electric failures

Do you want to maintain comfort in your home or office, even if you have a suspension from electric service?

We do the study to determine what is the capacity and characteristics of the electric generator that you need

We perform the installation professionally and in a short time. Generator setup in Miami and complete connection to electric panel. Also, generator setup in Fort Lauderdale area.

We give you maintenance assistance

AE Smart Electric. We install lamps, fans and new wall-mounted TV sockets

Do you want more security and confort ?

  • We automate the turn on of the garden lights for more security, efficient use and energy saving
  • Installation of interior lamps
  • We install new outlets to connect your wall flat TV